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Exceptional Dental Crowns in Union City & Fremont, CA 

Dental crowns are one of the most affordable and versatile cosmetic dental procedures for repairing damaged or decayed teeth and enhancing the beauty of your smile. At Union City Dental, our crowns provide lasting results that strengthen teeth and get you back to enjoying life. We are passionate about using quality materials and accurate designs to deliver dental crowns in Union City that are an excellent fit for your bite and smile.

Our family dentistry offer a pleasant and calm environment at our dental office to ensure you have a positive experience at every stage of treatment. If a damaged or decayed tooth is causing you pain or affecting your quality of life, we are ready to assist you in renewing your smile and relieving your pain. Contact us today for your dental appointment!


What Is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a cap made from metal or porcelain that dentists place over the tooth to improve its appearance and protect it. Our dentists may recommend a crown if you have undergone a root canal procedure, the tooth is weakened by a large cavity, or your tooth has discoloration or a severe chip that affects its appearance. Our Union City dental crowns are often used to:

  • Protect teeth that have suffered severe decay
  • Protect a tooth after a root canal
  • Restore the strength of a fractured tooth
  • Strengthen a weak tooth to prevent fracturing
  • Enhance the appearance of misshapen or discolored teeth
  • Cover dental implants
  • Support dental bridges

If you experience any of these problems, reach out to our practice today. Our dentist will analyze your oral health and determine the proper treatment based on your condition and symptoms.

Getting dental crowns in Union City is an efficient and straightforward process that takes place in just two office appointments. Taking good care of your dental crown will help them last up to 15 years or longer.

What is the Procedure for Getting a Crown?

dental crowns in Union CityThe process of getting a dental crown involves a consultation and then a visit to place your crown. During your initial consultation, our dentist will examine your mouth and take the necessary x-rays for an accurate diagnosis. If you qualify for dental crowns, we will take precise molds and send them to a trusted lab to create your custom-made crowns. We will also provide any additional treatment, such as placing a large filling or root canal therapy, during this first visit. Our dentist will provide a temporary crown that protects your tooth and ensures comfort until your permanent crown is ready.

Fabrication of your dental crown takes approximately two weeks. During your second appointment, our dentist will remove the temporary crown and then place your custom crown and carefully ensure proper spacing and bite with your new crown. We will then cement your new crown in place. Our friendly team will test the permanent crown's feel and fit and make any necessary changes before cementing it permanently. You can then enjoy your beautiful and functional smile once again.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are an excellent long-term option since they are durable and can last for decades. Our Union City crowns perfectly fit over the existing tooth and instantly correct fractures, cracks, chips, misshapen teeth, and discolorations. The reliability of a crown allows you to enjoy biting and chewing comfortably without worry.

Your crown is custom-made for your smile and will match the hue, size, and shape of your existing tooth. Furthermore, they are available in different materials, and you can choose the option that suits your budget and needs.

Dental Crowns FAQs

At Union City Dental, we understand that you'll have questions regarding our services and how they will impact your oral health. Our compassionate team is ready to address your concerns so that you can make an informed decision. Here are some of the more common questions we receive regarding dental crowns in Union City.

How do dental crowns work?

Dental crowns are durable solutions that cover damaged or decayed teeth down to the gum line. To place a crown, the dentist gently shapes your tooth so that it has room to fit comfortably and feel like a natural tooth. They can also be attached to titanium posts for implant-supported crowns. Union City crowns are bonded directly to the tooth enamel and can only be removed by a dentist.

You may need dental crowns to strengthen a tooth if it's been damaged or decayed. Dental crowns in Union City are custom-made to enclose the damaged part of your tooth or the entire tooth. They protect damaged or weak teeth, restore broken teeth, or support teeth with larger filings. The dentist may also recommend a crown for cosmetic or orthodontic reasons, especially if the tooth involved is a molar.

Dental crowns and veneers are both dental restorations that enhance your smile's function and appearance. Dental crowns usually cover the entire tooth, while dental veneers only cover the front part of your teeth. At Union City Dental, our dentists may recommend either based on your dental needs.

In most cases, dental crowns can last for 5-15 years. However, your crowns can last longer if you take excellent care of them and avoid using them in unconventional ways, such as to open bottles or packages. It would be best if you maintain good oral hygiene and avoid activities that may cause the breaking of the crown, such as playing sports without a mouth guard or chewing on ice.

Yes, dental crowns may suffer damage or may even fall out. If this happens, please call our office as soon as possible. Our dentist may repair or reattach your dental crown. If this is impossible, we may suggest getting a new crown so that you can restore your bite and smile.

Providing Quality Dental Crowns in Union City

At Union City Dental, we pride ourselves on providing excellent restorative services. Our team feels privileged to craft a beautiful and healthy smile that you will love. Our team has a gentle chairside manner and will create a relaxing environment for you. You can trust our seasoned dentist to restore a decaying or damaged tooth and enhance its feel and look. Get in touch with our team today to schedule your appointment!


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